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Have a question? Check here first for our most frequently asked questions. 

Q: What services can U of U Conference & Event Management offer my group?

A: Conference & Event Management exists to provide comprehensive conference and event management services.  We can manage lodging, meeting space reservations, dining and catering orders, registration services, speaker travel, transportation and parking services, publishing, printing, technical services and so much more!

Q: What size and type of groups does U of U Conference & Event Management accommodate?

A: We can accommodate most groups ranging from 30 to 3000 people.  

Q: Is a deposit required to work with U of U Conference & Event Management?

A: It depends on the services you want us to provide. Give us a call to discuss.

Q: What are the U of U Conference & Event Management contract requirements?

A: An agreement must be signed with CEM and conference organizer(s). Conference organizers must be a University of Utah department or State of Utah governmental entity. A deposit may be required, depending on services provided.

Q: How far out should we contract with U of U Conference & Event Management for our event?

A: As soon as you know you want our help! Generally we prefer to have 12-18 months to plan an event, but it depends on the scale and scope of the conference.  Our event calendar typically fills up a year out, and our staff are always planning multiple events at any given time.  

Q: What if I need help planning a conference, but it’s not going to be held on campus?

A: No problem!  We can manage meetings anywhere.  We are not tied to planning events on campus.  In fact, we have planned conferences and events at locations throughout the Salt Lake Valley, at most of the ski resorts in Utah, and at hotels across the US.

Q: What do you charge for your services?

A: Well, that depends on the size and scope of the event and the level of meeting management you want us to assist with.  We customize our fee based on the event.

 Is U of U Conference & Event Management part of the University Guest House?

A: The CEM office is located in the University Guest House, however, U of U Conference & Event Management is a separate University of Utah department.


Q: What dates can I bring a conference to University of Utah?

A: The University of Utah accommodates year-round conferences; however, we can only accommodate on-campus residence hall housing groups during the summer season.  On-campus residence hall housing operations typically begin the mid-May and end the first week of August (summer season dates vary slightly).  Additionally, the University Guest House Hotel is an on-campus year round housing option for groups. 

Q: Does our organization need to provide insurance in order to hold a program on campus? 

A: All non-University of Utah conference groups must procure and maintain Comprehensive General Liability insurance covering claims for loss, damage, injury, death, and property damage arising out of or in connection to your conference. Insurance shall be for a limit of at least $2,000,000 per occurrence and shall include University of Utah named as additional insureds. Proof of insurance is due 30 days before the start of your program.

Q: Are the U of U facilities ADA compliant?

A: In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, University of Utah is committed to ensuring that its facilities are accessible to individuals with disabilities. If any member of your group has special needs, please inform your Event Planner of this prior to the start of your program.

Q: Is smoking allowed on campus?

A: The University of Utah is a tobacco free campus.

Q: Is there security on campus?

A: The Department of Public Safety provides on-campus law enforcement, security, crime prevention, and emergency services on the University of Utah campus 24 hours a day. A Salt Lake City fire station is also located near campus.

Q: What is the Alcohol Policy on campus?

A: Alcohol may be served at an adult event held in certain campus buildings provided the conference organizer(s) adhere(s) to the governing policies. Alcohol or controlled substances are not to be stored, served, or consumed in youth-designated buildings at any time, whether minors are present or not. Please talk to your event planner if you plan on serving alcohol during your conference.

Q: Do I need to pay for parking on campus?

A: Parking lots are located near most buildings. Parking permits are required for all vehicles seven days a week. Work with your event Planner to discuss the best option, as there are multiple options available for groups on campus.

Last Updated: 3/27/24